TOMER GANIHAR - Channel of Light
28.11.2008 - 25.1.2009






Tomer Ganihar (b. 1970) is an Israeli-born photographer living and working in New York. The key themes of his work are light and motion. Light, which belongs to everyone, represents for Ganihar a wish for a peaceful coexistence.

In many of his works, Ganihar focuses on crowds. He photographs wherever he is which could be anywhere in the world. However, his most famous photographic series, Raves, was shot in his native Israel, showing young Jewish men and women dancing together. Dancing is a way for them to escape their everyday life filled with discord.

Ganihar creates his photographs without additional lighting and does not manipulate his images in any way. The soft and painterly quality of the works is achieved through long exposure times. Because Ganihar considers himself as a documentarist of light, it is important for him to photograph real, unstaged events. For the same reason Ganihar uses colour film, because reality is in colour too.

The exhibition presents six photographic series and works made from 1996 to 2007: Italy, New York, India, Raves, Mannequins and Global Light.

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