JARMO MÄKILÄ - Men´s room
17.9. - 16.11.2008






Men's Room by Jarmo Mäkilä (b. 1952) is a total work of art consisting of paintings, original artwork for a graphic novel and installations. The works of art all revolve around the same themes: man's journey from childhood to maturity and adulthood, memories and how we cope with them.

Mäkilä's work often has an autobiographical origin. In the works, lived reality blends with fantasy and images from the subconscious. The paintings and sculptures abound with allusions to the artist's personal history, and his graphic novel features a character that resembles the artist himself. The exhibition also includes an installation modelled on the rehearsal room of the band in which Mäkilä played in the 1960s.

Jarmo Mäkilä's career as a painter began in the politically turbulent 1970s. Having initially painted working-class subjects, in the 1980s Mäkilä moved his attention to the glossy worlds of consumption and popular culture. Combining media images with mythological motifs, the paintings made Mäkilä one of the foremost postmodern painters in Finland. In the 2000s Mäkilä has turned his gaze on himself. The exhibition presents his work from 2001 to 2008.

Lasipalatsin Mediakeskus Oy ©2001 9.9.2008


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