THE STAR-STUDDED SKY - Stars from the golden era of finnish film
16.2. - 29.4.2007






The year 2007 marks the 100th anniversary of Finnish drama film. In celebration of this event, the exhibition The Star-Studded Sky will offer an excellent chance to meet unforgettable stars of Finnish film from the silent era to the 1960s. The exhibition will include unique photographs, memorable scenes from film classics and film props from times past.

Although he first Finnish film stars appeared during the final years of silent film in the late 1920s, star cults only came about with the introduction of sound film. The arrival of sound also coincided with the first appearance of the legendary cinematic couple Ansa Ikonen and Tauno Palo, who remain two of Finlandís most popular actors. In the pre-war years, the screen was also illuminated by stars such as the dramatic Regina Linnanheimo, soulful Helena Kara, romantic Leif Wager and the many-faced Joel Rinne.

During the war years, the stars were even more popular and influential. Screen stars offered solace and inspired confidence in the future. After the war, the 1950s introduced new kinds of star such as Martti Katajisto and Jussi Jurkka, who played troubled villains and symbolised the destroyed illusions and traumas of the post-war period.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Finnish Literature Society, the Finnish Film Archive and the Art Museum will publish a richly illustrated book edited by Kai Vase and entitled The Film Star Era. The book includes hundreds of photographs of the most popular Finnish stars. This exhibition was produced in collaboration with the Finnish Film Archive, which will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary, and it celebrates the 100th anniversary of Finnish drama film.

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