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artist Gunnar Finne (1886 - 1952)
J.S. Sirén (1889 - 1961)
sculpture Saksalaisten sotilaiden hauta / German soldiers' grave  
map Vanha kirkkopuisto, Kamppi  
year 1920  
images 1  
The memorial was designed by the sculptor Gunnar Finne together with the architect Sirén. Fittingly, the monument has an architectural presence complemented by sculptural properties, although these are confined to surface decorations.

The black granite memorial in Vanha Kirkkopuisto (Old Church Park) is dedicated to the German soldiers who fell in the battle for Helsinki. The stone memorial resembling a monumental sargophagus follows the tradition of memorial sculpture established already in Antiquity.

The sargophagus includes a relief of a kneeling youth and the following texts in German: "Den in Kampf um Helsingfors im April 1918 gefallenen Deutschen" (To the German soldiers who fell in April 1918 in the battle for Helsinki) and "Helden Errichtete dieses Denkmal die dankbare Stadt" (The grateful City erected this monument to the heroes).

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